Alto Shaam 1000-BQ2/96

Alto-Shaam Banquet carts are built to handle your most challenging banquets.Holds pre-plated food fresh, flavourful, and hot.No moisture pans, water or canned heat needed.HALO HEAT is a controlled, uniform heat source that gently surrounds food for better appearance, taste, and longer holding life.Close temperature tolerance and even heat application provides even heat from top to bottom – side to side.An adjustable, electronic thermostat with digital display monitors the inside temperature to ensure food is being held at safe and precise temperatures.Superior insulation ensures the cavity will only lose 2ºF for every 45 minutes it is held without power, provided the doors remain closed.Designed to adapt to any type of banquet holding: Covered plates, stacked Covered or uncovered plate carriers Accepts trays for banquet service Additional shelves for 1/1 and 1/2 gastronorm pans Non-magnetic stainless steel interior resists corrosion. Full perimeter, wall-friendly bumper, transport handles, and heavy duty castors. Includes:4 transport handles 4 chrome wire shelves 4 shelf runners & clips, bumper surround 4 x 152mm castors.