Mareno NFT78GTLC

Gas fry-top with two cooking zones with smooth chrome sloping hotplate, constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel. 15/10 thick top. Hotplate recessed 4 cm compared to worktop, fully welded construction for guaranteed ease of cleaning. Cooking surface plated with hard mirror-polished chrome with a 6.5 cm cold zone at the front of the hotplate. Round drain hole for grease, diam. 4 cm. Grease collection tub with 2.5 litre capacity. Heating by means of steel burner with stabilized flame having 2 branähes and 4 rows of flames for each zone, complete with pilot flame and safety thermocouple. Gas supply controlled by thermostatic safety valve with thermocouple. Cooking temperature thermostatically controlled, with adjustment from 110 to 280 C°. Safety thermostat trips in the event of working thermostat malfunction. Automatic ignition by means of piezoelectric device with waterproof cap. Cooking surface 73.5x53 cm. Scraper for smooth hotplate supplied.